Who are we?
We are GirlsLove2Travel. An online travel lifestyle community founded by travel minded girls, for travel minded girls. Together we motivate and inspire each other to explore the world, go on adventures and to learn from other cultures.

For whom do we write?
For girls with an adventurous mind!

What do we do?
Every day we write about our travel adventures, our travel dreams or travel inspirations. We enjoy straying off the beaten path. That’s why our stories and trips are always about exploring. We like to let our curiosity run free and connect with the locals.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for GirlsLove2Travel? Or would you like to get to know us? We’d love 2 meet!

You can reach us through FacebookTwitter or by sending an email to request@girlslove2travel.com.

We believe that in order to live, we must travel. 

The world is our playground.