The 5 best restaurants of South-Africa

This winter I went with my love and our baby to South Africa. A road trip that lasted five weeks and can be identified as a high quality wine and gourmet tour. Quality with a capital Q that is, because besides the lush nature, the wild sea and beautiful culture in ‘oh so versatile South Africa’, this is the land of the divine dishes. And yes, this includes amazing wines:) In the area of Cape Town you will find some of the best chefs and restaurants of South Africa. Time to share my favorite Hidden Treasures (verborgen juweeltjes as we would say) with you!

Gastronomic delights: Menu Chef
It is perhaps the greatest reward I can give myself. The best gift I can get. A full evening of food adventures with about eight dishes and matching wines. That you don;t know what you get served makes it an even bigger adventure. A major advantage of South Africa: even now the Euro is less so strong, you get extremely high value for your money. Where a similar ‘menu d’art’ (seriously, the dishes look like little pieces of art:) in Austria easily cost 200 euros per person, you pay here a third of the price (yes, including wine and tip) #Yabadabadoooooo

The five best restaurants in South Africa
Because I am so excited about this country -I totally understand that my brother decided to move here and I feel the urge to follow him- people often ask me about my favorite restaurants. Not the nice, cozy average eateries, no thé absolute jewels, places you need to hear about through friends or friends of friends. Meet my Top5:

1) Makaron | StellenboschVerborgenJuweeltjes6 VerborgenJuweeltjes1This restaurant is in one of the finest boutique hotels in Stellenbosch Majeka House. What is so amazing about it?Here you can book a two person table right in the centre of Chef Tanja’s kitchen. I’ve never experiences such a special dinner. The first dish you might still feel a little out of place but by the second course you are part of the team and enjoy them creating their works right in front of you. It’s a front row diner! The chef servers each dish personally to your table, shares the ingredients and her vision of the cours with it. The enormous enthusiasm of this team and the pleasure they experienced in our enthusiasm, allowed an eight course meal to become a culinary celebration that lasted twelve courses and went on until midnight. Pure love!

2) The Roundhouse | KaapstadVerborgenJuweeltjes2Tucked away in a small road along the cliffs of Cape Town is The Roundhouse. This restaurant offers you priceless views, great service and a remarkable kitchen. I was completely surprised by the served beer during one of our course (and although I’m a wine lover, I loved the surprise:) Advice: book just before sunset so you can first see the sun set from the garden. And if you are traveling on a shoestring, don’t dine but make reservations for their picnic instead. Kinder to your wallet, the priceless view is exactly the same;)

3) Jonkershuis | ConstantiaVerborgenJuweeltjes3ZuidAfrika4Jonkershuis is part of one of the oldest wineries in the country: Groot Constantia. The view is scenic, the estate full of mini-museums, colorful flowers and the architecture of Jonkershuis is Cape Dutch. This restarant is run by a lovely couple with so much love for their food that you can taste it in every bite you take. Tip: try their selection of curries, they are so (sooooooooo) delicious.

4) Babylonstoren | PaarlVerborgenJuweeltjes4
This is one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms of South Africa, situated in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. Like you’re eating at a painting:) That this place is extremely popular, shows when you try to make reservations: it takes about a month before it’s your turn. Not crazy at all because their dishes are a lust to the eyes, wonderfully creative and super healthy. Babylonstoren is known for their fresh ingredients from their own ecological vegetable garden. Want to eat here no matter what? Please call once you have booked your ticket or visit the other food barn on their huge estate. This one is still such a hidden secret that you can walk in and find yourself a table:)

5) Cheyne’s | Hout Bayzuid afrika 7VerborgenJuweeltjes5

I stumbled upon this fantastic place during a road trip from Capetown along the Chapmans Peak to wherever the road took us. This little artsy restaurant has a menu that Asian Fusion and seriously finger licking good. The dishes are categorized in sea, land or earth with the ultimate desert list: the ‘happy endings’. They are internationally known for their peanut butter-caramel shake and it indeed is incredible #holymother.Whatever you order, it looks great and tastes heavenly #delicious. What a discovery!


Have you ever been to South Africa and know some hidden gems? Share them here. Your favs are in fact worth a trip to this wonderful country. The prize: two tickets to South Africa + 3 nights in a luxury lodge at Phinda Private Game Reserve. All you have to do … Share your love for South Africa! #runforrestrun!


Note: Have you never been to S.A., no panic! You too can win. Share the South African must-sees on your bucket list:) #goforit

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