48 hours: London

I’m a lucky girl! With a friend who recently moved to London, I have a good reason to visit this metropolis. A party, because let’s face it; this city is packed with fine shops, the best small food places and the necessary cultural attractions! This city is so big it might even be a bit overwhelming. I therefore have not seen everything, but that is a very good reason to catch a plane to Londen again soon, right?

# 2 Eat
Canas Y Tapas in Islington
Delicious start of the weekend with an evening of tapas food in Islington. Cosiness and tasty tapas dishes while enjoying a glass of wine. And I love seafood so we opted for mussels in garlic butter and wine, paella with seafood and also olives and bread with tomatoes. A very good start to our trip in London!

Balthazar in Covent Garden
Saturday we planned a fancy dinner at Balthazar. This is a well known restaurant in Covent Garden and very popular with the locals, the table was already booked three weeks ago! I of course started with seafood, this time it’s delicious oysters! This is my new addiction. My main course is a steak with fries and because the party is still going we ordered desserts. Tarte tartin and crème brûlée are delicious. Pure indulgence to eat here, save some extra money, because it is not cheap here.

Lockside at Camden Market
Sunday brunch in Camden! Lockside, it is one of the famous places in Camden. As a true Brit I eat Fish and Chips. We are in England… It’s a super nice place with a view of the courtyard of the Camden Food Market. And you can also go to Lockside for some cocktails and a party!

Londen 1# 2 Shop
Regent Street
A very famous street in London for shopping and all major corporations have a store there. You will find a Zara, Uniqlo and GAP. A bit of shopping is of course part of a trip to London. It begins to get a dark and the lights go on, very nice!

In Islington there are some very small shops where you can buy unique things. The surrounding streets are truly British and you walk along the typical houses with the famous colored doors! I am very happy here :)!

Fortnum and Mason
This is one of the oldest department stores in London and consists of nothing but luxury. It is a beautiful building on Piccadilly and inside you’ll find things for your home, cookies and of course tea! Super fun just to walk through and maybe buy some lemon cookies.

FullSizeRender 5# 2 Do
Walk by The Thames
A super nice way to see London is to walk along the Thames. You can’t get a better impression of this huge city. From this route you will see The Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the London Eye in one fell swoop! Additionally you along this route a number of coffee places and the Tate Modern that you can visit.

Camden Market
Camden Market is an absolute must. It’s a bit of an alternative near London but all upcoming! It has several markets and you can enjoy food, as I said earlier at Lockside. A perfect place for a Sunday stroll!

Covent Garden
I’m in love with Covent Garden! Great for shopping and then to slide in one of the fine restaurants in the neighborhood, like Balthazar. A very nice part of town with lots to do. Such as shopping, eating but also a visit to a museum or opera! Plenty of choice.


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  • Judith schreef:

    Bedankt voor de tips, ik ga deze week weer naar Londen voor een concert en een voetbalwedstrijd dus ik ga gebruik maken van je restauranttips. Nu al zin in :-)

  • Nina schreef:

    Leuk artikel! Erg mooi design jullie blog. Nu zin om een trip naar londen te plannen

  • Marissa schreef:

    Ik wil echt heel graag naar Londen. Ik snap echt niet dat ik daar nog nooit ben geweest! Ik zie altijd zoveel leuke blogposts over deze stad en het is relatief best dichtbij. Need to go there!

    • Jet schreef:

      Ik snapte ook totaal niet waarom ik er zo lang mee gewacht heb om te gaan… Maar ik kan je zeggen het is heel erg leuk! En helemaal nu de kerstperiode er aan zit te komen wordt het helemaal een leuk uitje! Ik ben benieuwd naar jouw ervaringen! X Jet

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