10 things I love about Japan

I’m in Japan for almost 2 weeks now and I am super impressed by this country. It’s beautiful and in so many ways much more developed than the Western part of the world. I can give you 1,001 reasons why Japan is great, but I think it’s better to keep it short;) Check out the 10 things I love about Japan:

# 1 Toilet
Heated toilet seats with all kinds of buttons and sprinklers to gently wash everything down there. They even separate sprinklers for male and female buttons. Quite funny is the ‘flushing noise ‘ button for a constant I-pull-the-toilet sound.

Japan vending machines
# 2 Vending machines
You find them everywhere on the streets. My favourite ones are those with drinks. Soft drinks as well as hot drinks such as hot chocolate and green tea. Love it!

Japan powder riding
# 3 The best powder in the world
As we speak I’m at the Northern island, Hokkaido for snowboarding. Due to a jetstream from Siberia they have the best and lightest powder snow in the world here. I learned powder boarding and boarding through the woods.

Japan gyoza
# 4 Gyoza
Sushi is my number one love, but gyoza is getting close to being my new number one. God, it’s delicious! I can not get enough of it and since I’m here I eat it every day :)

Japanese people lined up
# 5 Waiting in line
I have never seen people standing so neatly waiting in line. Whether waiting for the bus, subway or for the ski lift. It’s almost as if imaginary lines have been drawn and you get a shock when you dare to tap the line with your big toe tapping.

# 6 Clean
I have been in many cities and I’ve never seen such a clean city as Tokyo. And to think that it’s the biggest city in the world. Believe it or not, here you can literally eat off the streets.

Japanese school girl
# 7 Schoolgirls
We all know the schoolgirls from the movies and they look exactly the same in real life. Everywhere you see groups of girls and they look super cute with their skirt, knee socks and a jacket. Almost like living dolls.

Japan onsen
# 8 Soaking in an onsen
Soaking in the warm water of a geyser. Because Japan is a volcanic features thousands of onsens are scattered across the country.

# 9 Green tea
For me as an extreme tea lover Japan is the perfect place to be. Finally green tea as it’s supposed to be. The right temperature and with a slightly bitter taste.

Japan locals
# 10 The locals
The last one but actually no 1: the population. In Japan everyone has respect for each other and nature. This is reflected in how they treat each other. Everywhere you go a big smile is waiting for you and if only for a second it seems like you are looking for something someone comes over to you to help you out. Painful to realise how individualistic we live and how often we can be disrespectful to each other.

Ben jij wel eens in Japan geweest?


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