What’s in the travel bag of… Dyonne (theNYCnotebook)

**Ze woont in NYC en gaat je vanaf nu de hotste plekken van de stad laten zien (in het Engels natuurlijk:). Vandaag nemen we eerst een kijkje in haar Travel Bag. Meet Dyonne.**

I’m Dyonne van Heeringen – ten Hoope, 29 years old, born and raised in a village not far from Amsterdam. From early age on I developed a passion for fashion and accessories. After finishing my bachelor degree, in 2007, in Communications in Amsterdam, I turned my passion, into a paycheck by working at C&A Amsterdam Head Quarters, as Marketing Manager. In May 2013, I left my family and friends behind, because my boyfriend provided me the opportunity to join him in his business related New York City adventure for the coming years and live the New York dream in the West Village, Manhattan. Not the easiest choice, but sometimes you have to be open-minded.


We moved to New York City and in December 2013 I finally started building my dream, DY Jewelz. Handmade Fashion Jewelry for Men and Women inspired by the City. www.dyjewelz.com. After a little while, in September 2014, I started the The NYC Notebook. After one year I show you my favorite places in the city of dreams. This Notebook shows you the streets of Manhattan and informs you about NYC Hotspots, Highlights and Street Style. I’m currently working on thenycnotebook.com, this site will be online in just a few weeks.

Any rituals when packing your travel bags?
A few days before I pack my bag I’m checking the weather forecast on our destination. After that I start making a list with outfits that I would like to bring with me, including shoes, bags and accessories. Next to that I’m going to the drugstore to buy all necessary mini-toiletries / travel-toiletries. I put everything ready and on the day of departure it takes me (just) half an hour to pack my bag.

What do your bags look like?
I’ve got 3 different sizes of black suitcases and depending on the trip I choose which to bring. I mark my suitcase with a pink string. (Because I’m not the only one with a black suitcase;)


What is a necessity to bring on a trip, fashion wise?
Mix and Match. I try to mix and match my outfits as much as possible, but a black trouser, black jumpsuit, jeans short, sweater and All Stars are always in my suitcase, just as my sunglasses and a nice hat.

What’s in your toiletry bag?
My 2 toiletry bags from Victoria’s Secret are always with me. Both bags are filled with several toiletries like shampoo, body lotion, make-up remover, cotton pads, cotton swabs, nail polish, aspirin, contacts, hairspray, toothbrush, toothpaste, bandages, hairbrush and my hair dryer. I prefer to take my own toiletries with me, instead of using the hotel toiletries.

What do you put in your hand luggage?
My hand luggage, better known as my big black leather bag, is always filled with my iPhone and headphones, charger, pen & notebook, mirror, refreshing gel, perfume, make-up, wallet, magazines, glasses, travel guide (of my destination), sunglasses, hat, chewing gum and my passport.


What do you wear on the plane?
If I’m travelling by plane I prefer to wear a comfortable outfit like a skinny jeans, t-shirt and a cardigan or sweater with sneakers. Preferably no coat.

Do you bring anything to remind you of home?
My iPhone is full of photos and messages from all my friends and family, this is all I need to remind me of home.

Do you have an advice for other Travel Girls
Live your life to the max and explore the world, especially New York and the USA. Make a trip along the West Coast of the USA by car (preferably a convertible). You will love it!


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